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Silver Navaratna Mala Lab certified:


Energized Silver Navaratna Mala as per vedic Tradition with celestial combination of 9 gems artistically chained in pure silver is a handsome mala to wear everyday.


The Navaratna or 9 gems ruled by the nine planets are Cats eye , gomedh, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire , Emerald , Coral, Pearl , ruby and Crystal.

The Navaratna mala arranged in a particular order are found to be beneficial for everyone in day to day life.


These gems intensify the Ray's of the planets they represent and are considered to be very auspicious and strengthening influences of planets with have very good health and wealth accumulation and to be very successful in life.


Mala length : Aprox 5.11 inches.
No of beads : 65.
Bead Size : 4 - 5 mm.
Silver used : Aprox 5 gms and 98 % purity .


Why us :

1. Credibility since 1995.
2. Worldwide distribution Network.
3. Fastest and insured delivary.
4. Vedic pooja energized following scripture and Agamas and Tradition as per gemology.
5. Expert advice and counselling.
6. Authentic Lab Certified Product.

Silver Navaratna Mala Lab Certified

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