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Order Divine Kanchipuram Temple IDLIS

Order Satvic ( No Onion No Garlic No Green Chili) and Natural Homemade Traditional Temple IDLI.


Health and Spiritual Benefits of Having Divine Kanchipuram IDLI:


Steamed Food - Retains valuable nutrients, vitamins & minerals in food

Boost Excellent Digestion.

Rich In Vitamins And Encourages Healthy Gut Flora

Rich in Proteins.

Excellent Food for Senior Citizens as well.


Reduces Thoughts Per Second .

Supports Spiritual Practice.


Ghee Kanchipuram Koil IDLI: 125 Rs Plate (1 Pieces - 375 Gms Aprox - 5 Inches) more than enough for one Grown Adult.


Kanchipuram temple IDLI will be served along with

1. Cow Ghee

2. Organic Herbal home-Mom made IDLI powder.

3. Natural Fresh spicy Tomato Chutney.

Made Traditionally as per the Temple Tradition.


IDEAL time to have or When to Have:


Breakfast or anytime as snack.


Ordering Details:


Please order before 10 Am to Delivered next day your preferred time.

Only on Pre-order basis.

Pls Call +919600394951 or WhatsApp.


Party Orders Taken:


Any Family Functions.


Delivery Details :


Get Delivered Free of Cost within Tiruvannamalai.

People who come for Order Pickup ,Please come with Utensils to pack the Food.


ABOUT Divine Kanchipuram idlis

Kanchipuram idlis are a well-known variety of idlis originating from the city of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram idlis are spiced with cumin, pepper and ginger powder and thus taste different from the regular idlis.

This steamed delicacy is offered as prasadam at Sri Varadaraja Perumal temple. The food cooked in the temple kitchens and offered as prasadam to the Almighty

Temple food is sacred with pure, clean flavors. Sattvik food at its best! One such temple food or koil neivedhyam is the Kanchipuram idli which also goes by the name kovil idli (temple idli), kudalai idli and tumbler idli. A healthy, heartwarming and filling breakfast dish. Relish the flavor and crumbly texture of the Kanjeevaram idli served in the temple.

Divine Kanchipuram Temple IDLIS

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