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What is Rasamani:


All metals are naturally in solid form except Mercury. Although it comes under the classification of a metal, Mercury is in semi-liquid form. Our ancient saints who are called Siddhas found the greatness of Mercury and its special effects when it is solidified.Rasamani is mercury beads.

Mercury, a liquid metal, is one of the natural ore available from the Earth. It is made up of air and fluidity.Generally, we might have seen mercury in white colour. But they are available in red, yellow and pale blue colours also. But these colour mercuries are rare varieties. According to Vaadha vaithiyam*, these rare mercuries are considered as one of the arsenic types. Since it consists of arsenic characteristics, Siddhars also called it as “soodham”.


Mercury is used in many ways as rasa pathangam, rasa parpam, rasa sendhooram for medicinal purposes. When it is made into a hard solid ball, it is known as Rasamani*. The transformation of mercury into rasamani is just a part of alchemy. The process of separating fluid and air from mercury was secretly maintained and also kept as a secret. If we wear this Rasamani, it gives us more benefits. It helps to cure diseases like paralysis, phlegm, bile and keeps the body function properly.


Rasamani, naturally, has the grasping power and it absorbs the power of any material and reflects it. Hence people who wish to attain wisdom through the yogic way use Rasamani.

Mercury possesses many qualities and it gives benefits in the way the Rasamani is made. Siddhars had advised various methods of making the mercury into Rasamani. The methods differ from easy level to hard level depending upon the Guru’s preaching. Siddhars conveyed their experience of making the Rasamani to the people for their benefits.


Rasamani Benefits:-


  • Attracts health and wealth courage against any odds and negativities, Confidence and happiness.
  • Balances life, Fulfillment of Right dreams and desires.
  • Neutralize Vastu Related and Marriage delays problems.
  • Healing from disease.
  • Power, authority and recognition Protection from evil eyes and other evil things, Sound health, wealth and character.
  • Success in profession, business, career and all activities.
  • Secured financial position for self and dependents.
  • Protection from dangers and negativities to self and family.
  • Protection from all troubles and problems.


Authentic Rasamani

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