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THE GLORY merits OF CIRCUMAMBULATING ARUNACHALA with how and when -Excerpts from Arunachala Mahatmya

Excerpts from Arunachala Mahatmyam Chapter IX.

Merits acquired by serving this Hill as narrated by Paramashiva Himself.

A spider wove its web on one of the slopes of the Hill. This amounted to

Clothing the Hill. It gained the ability to recall its previous births.

Poisonous insects move about harmlessly on the slopes. Those who light even a single lantern regularly for Arunachala become Self-Effulgent.

A parrot built its nest on a tree close to Arunachala and kept in it some fireflies

Which dispelled the darkness all around it by their light. It therefore attained Liberation.

A few cows were grazing on the slopes of the Hill. Their thoughts turned to their

Calves. Instantly milk dripped from their udders and drenched the slopes. As a result of this spontaneous abhisheka which they performed to Arunachala they

Attained Liberation

When a crow flew in search of prey its wings fanned the Hill. It attained Liberation


Devas and rishis dwell close to Arunachala as trees with the object of avoiding future births.

If one constructs a gopura (a tower), a sikbara (spire), a road or a mantapa (pavilion), or digs a well in this place he will obtain what he desires.

Every step that one takes on the path round me all the sins committed in one’s past lives are expiated.

By circumambulating me one obtains the merit of performing Thousands of horse sacrifices, innumerable Vajapeyas (a Particular sacrifice) and bathing in all the tirthas.

Even a great sinner who has no good deed to his credit can attain all kinds of powers by circumambulating me.

Merit acquired by bathing in all the tirthas, by performing all the sacrifices, by studying all the scriptures and by following all the dharmas can be easily acquired by merely

Circumambulating Sonachala.

One attains this world, (i.e. the earth) at the first step,the middle world at the second step and the world of the devas at the third step. At the first step sins committed mentally are destroyed, at the second the sins committed by speech and at the third the sins committed by the body.

If those who suffer from physical and mental ailments, as well as those who are weak and emaciated, circumambulate me, their ailments are cured.

How the Arunachala circumambulating to be done.

Meditating on this great Linga one should circumambulate it slowly. If one does so all sins will be expiated.

One will not be born again and will certainly become eternally one with Sonachala.

The moment one takes a step with the intention of circumambulating Sonagiri the very earth becomes extremely pure by coming into contact with the dust of one’s feet.

At every point of the compass one should meditate and bring the palms together in praise and reverence.

One should walk carefully, slowly and noiselessly. Before setting out a bath should be taken,clean clothes should be put on, sacred ash applied on the body, and rudraksha beads worn.

While circumambulating one should meditate on Siva. Thousands of invisible

manus, devatas, siddhapurushas and others accompany a devotee who circumambulates in this manner.

A wise man should, even amidst a crowd, tread with great care regarding the Hill as divine. One may also walk in the company of devotees singing the sacred names of Siva

and dancing.

Alms should be given on the way according to one’s means and one should remember Siva in the heart with love and devotion.

This Hill is incomprehensible, being beyond speech and thought. It is unapproachable, being a mass of fire. Itis the Absolute and therefore called the Supreme.

The body of one who performs anga-pradakshina around this Hill becomes divine and immune to injury.

Which day of the week Arunachala circumambulating to be done.

The devas circumambulate me every day. The sun and other celestial bodies have obtained their lordship over the other planets by circumambulating Me.

A devotee who circumambulates the Hill on a Sunday penetrates the region of the Sun and attains Liberation He gains the world of Siva.

He who circumambulates the Hill on a Monday lives free from the afflictions of old age and death.

He who circumambulates the Hill on a Tuesday is released from all debts and becomes an emperor.

If pradakshina is done on Wednesday, He becomes omniscient and wise.

Thursday, he is worshipped by all the devas and attains fame as a guru.

Circumambulation on a Friday brings prosperity and takes him to the abode of Vishnu;

Saturday pradakshina brings worldly success and averts the ill-effects threatened by the planets in one’s horoscope.

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