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Sukhinobhava Mission Corpus Fund(Save Waste Save Life Save Tax) -Donate Your Waste

Sukhinobhava Mission Corpus Fund

(Save Waste Save Life -Donate Your Waste)

As a Corpus Fund Raising Effort we are now inviting all the interested people to donate any Old or New Materials on which you feel is not useful to you in your House or place.

We will recycle the old or new materials which is of no use to you and use it for our charity.


You can Sell that item which is no more useful to you and donate that amount to our Charity.

Example Items: Any Dress Materials, Electronics, Metals, Wood, Vehicles and paper Based.

Benefits of Recycling

Saves Money and Feeds People and Meet there Medical Expenses.

Protects Ecosystems and Wildlife

Conserves Our Natural Resources.

Saves Energy.

Reduces the Need to Harvest New Materials.

Reduces Carbon Emissions.

Brings People Together.

Educates People About the Importance of Protecting the Environment.

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