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Sep 2nd -Sukhinobhava Free Selfless Service Annadhan/Go seva/Medical/Education Services

Selfless service with compassion is the foundation for a spiritual process and inner well-being.

At Sukhinobhava daily at 8.30 am, annadhan, medicines, and go seva distribution is offered to Sadhus and Bhakta’s. At 4.15, Free Meals from the ashram kitchen was distributed to school kids today

At Sukhinobhava we are using organic vegetables, natural ingredients combined with natural ghee for cooking. Today’s Annadhan was served as healing sattvic food

(Note: We don’t use onion, garlic, and green chilly)

Annadhan Menu Today (2/9/2022)

Organic Pure A2 Ghee seeragasambha Rice Pongal.

Organic Urud Dal Sambhar Vada

Organic Peanut Coconut Chutney

Herbal Water