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Prosper your physical, mental and spiritual life with sattvic organic diet

A sattvic food variably known as a yogic diet includes freshly prepared food and fruits that increase energy levels, promote peace of mind, and boost immunity. As a result, it helps in an active, happy, and rewarding lifestyle. Along with nutrition, the taste is also a vital focus of satvik food which makes sattvic food so delicious.

Why do you need an organic sattvic diet?

According to yogic principles we all have three Gunas or characteristics Tamas, rajas, and Sattva

Rajas is associated with movement and activity. Too much of it results in over-excitement and overstimulation which leads to stress.

Tamas is associated with weakness, fatigue, and pessimism.

Sattva is the ideal guna which represents harmony, balance, and happiness.

According to ancient Indian science and as proven by modern scientific research, food has a direct effect on the mind and thus different diets result in specific Gunas like sattva, Tamas, and rajas.

What Are Sattvic Foods?

Non Hurting is the core principle behind the sattvic diet. Along with prohibiting animal food it also avoids the foods that hurt our own body or agitate the mind like too spicy, stale, or overcooked food. It is a plant-focused diet with a healthy proportion of vegetables and fruits.

Some of the major sattvic foods include:

  • Whole grains

  • Fresh fruit

  • Sprouted whole grains

  • Pure fruit juices

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Cottage Cheese

  • Legumes

  • Sprouted seeds

  • Nuts

  • Seeds

  • Herbal teas

  • Ghee

  • Honey

Why should you adopt a sattvic diet?

Our food directly affects our body, mind, and spirit. Have you ever felt that you can't control your feelings and act on impulse? It happens because our body and mind are programmed and your impulsive acts or negative feelings like jealousy, depression, and inertia are the results. Eating a sattvic diet can help you make your entire lifestyle happy and rewarding at personal, professional, and spiritual levels.


Most personal issues happen due to the way we speak, act and react. The sattvic diet makes your mind calm and composed and enables you to react with equanimity. It also induces happiness. With a calm and composed demeanor, you can keep your house atmosphere peaceful. Even if other members try to bring up some trouble your balanced reactions will avoid clashes.


Sattvic diet being easily digestible makes you feel light the whole day long. Besides, it promotes metabolism that helps you derive maximum energy out of food. You will feel active and agile to smoothly sail through the hectic routine of the day. The sattvic diet also cleanses your mind making you sharper and enabling you to make clear decisions. These qualities help you succeed in your professional career/business too.


Equanimity, love, and mindfulness are at the core of spiritual life. Sattvic diet prohibits any food derived by animal cruelty. It also prohibits passion-creating foods like garlic and onion. It will support you to stay free from passions and impulses. Even upon encountering an object of desire, your mindfulness will help you discriminate and choose the right direction. Most importantly the sattvic diet will prepare you to undertake advanced practices like meditation to excel in your spiritual life.

Benefits of the Sattvic Diet

The sattvic diet offers lots of health advantages as it consists of the right balance of vegetables, legumes, fresh vegetables, and grains which makes the right combination for wholesome nutrition.

Good for heart

As a sattvic diet primarily consists of fresh vegetables and fruit and whole grains, it is rich in fiber and has low levels of harmful saturated fat. This combination significantly supports healthy heart functioning.

Reduces probabilities of Cancer.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in phytochemicals which reduce the probability of Cancer.

Saves from type 2 diabetes

Research proves that eating vegetarian and plant-based food keeps your weight in check and thus reduces the chances of type 2 diabetes.

Lowers down having a stroke

The sattvic diet promotes modesty and prohibits excess like too much sugar or well-refined grains. It also prohibits root vegetables like potatoes. Cutting down sugar and potatoes can remarkably lowers down chances of Stroke.

A wealth of vitamins and nutrients

The sattvic diet emphasizes seasonal food consisting of a right balance of moderately cooked fresh vegetables and a raw diet. Such a diet has a good wealth of minerals and vitamins. Besides, it also has a high fiber content which makes it easily digestible and converts maximum food into energy.

Promotes digestion

The sattvic diet doesn't involve deep frying and oil cooking. Moderation being at its core the sattvic food also replaces hot spices like red pepper powder with healthier alternatives like black pepper and hung. As opposed to hot spices, natural healthy spices don't hurt the digestive system but assist in optimal digestive function.

Helps in healthy weight loss without starving

Sattvic food involves a good amount of raw food which can be up to 40% of your daily consumption. It also focuses more on steaming rather than overcooking vegetables. As a result, the vegetables retain most of their original goodness. Such food helps in losing weight without starving or cutting down on essential nutrients.

Saves from mucus-causing toxins

Excess to Mucus is one of the major reasons behind many diseases. It is considered a byproduct of toxins. Sattvic organic food includes only freshly prepared vegetables and raw fruits and prohibits processed or overcooked food. It helps in stopping the toxins and eliminating accumulated toxins through healthy digestion. The toxin-free body is also free from excessive mucus and thus is less prone to mucus-related disorders.

Follow an organic Sattvic diet to help marginal farmers

The sattvic diet emphasizes purely natural and fresh food. So, if you want to follow a sattvic diet, switch to organic foods that don’t use any fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals. By moving to organic food you don’t only help yourself but start contributing towards enhancing the less privileged farmer community. Organic food is directly derived from these small farmers who follow traditional farming methods.

A majority of Indian farmers are marginal farmers with 1 hectare or smaller land area and lack the equipment, fertilizers, etc. for mass production. For them, the organic farming methods help in making more money with smaller yields to support their household income. The rise in the demand for organic fruits and vegetables will increase their income potential and help them to enhance their living conditions. It enables them to give a decent education to their children and make them employable which may eventually take them out of the cycle of poverty.


Sattvic organic diet has a deep impact on one's physical, mental and spiritual health. It not only helps in keeping the body healthy and active but also sharpens the mind and enhances its cognitive capabilities. Moreover, as a sattvic organic diet is fully based on the ideology of none violence, it also helps in spiritual development. However, to experience is to believe. So, we welcome our readers to partake of the wonderful benefits of the Sattvic diet by making it a part of their daily meal routine for at least 21 days, ( ideally 1 month), to experience the difference. Please share your thoughts on this article and the sattvic lifestyle.

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