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Mental And Physical Health Is Wealth

Updated: Feb 27, 2021


” Whoever has right & good Mental and Physical Health is an millionaire”

Right Healthy Diet and Lifestyle will :

1.Support you in your Relationship Issues. 2.Heal your health Issues. 3.Help in maintaining positive vibrations in your living Space. 4.Help you in Making right life decisions. 5.Help you to be successful in your work and Business. 6.Help you attract and live an Wealthy / Healthy / Blissful life.

To have an Blissful and healthy lifestyle with balanced mind body and Being, Please do the following :

MindBody Being Diet:

Daily Ensure the following things to be in your Day:

General things for food:

1.Weekly one day of your choice to be only in fruit juice and soup diet no solid food. 2.Country Goat milk -100 Ml. 3.Ground nut in anyway to be consumed daily. 4.Vegetarian life style. 5.Move to organic food style.

6.Always Take Handful of Yellu and Vellam (SESAME AND JAGGERY BALLS) Every Morning . (If you decide you should be working and alive whole day without Tiredness or Boredom, Always take this every morning.

It will remove all the parasites /Microbes that Triggers Tiredness/Boredom / Irritation in you. Your Muscle memory and Bio Memory will be so pure and clean .You will not fall for your tiredness / Boredom / Irritating Parasites that trigger you. )

Avoid the following in the food:

1.Onion 2.Garlic

3.Green chilli. 4.White Sugar.

Day Schedule:

Morning intake :

1.Neem juice 100 ml 2.Athimathuram- 1 tablespoon with honey anytime during the day. 3.Malic acid food supplement 1 pinch with lukewarm water during the day.

Dinner intake:

Dinner To be taken one hour before sunset.

Before bed:

1.Haritaki powder – 1 tablespoon with warm water before night bed.

2.Castor oil ( Ricinus communis plant.) – 1 tea spoon before night bed.

3.Organic Kayakalpa Powder - You can Order it from :

Healthy things to follow @ home:

1.Castrol oil lamp to be there @ home 24 hrs.

2.Garuda kilangu to be hanged @ home.

3.Every Friday sprinkle the mix of turmeric, Sea salt,cow urine all over your house.

4.Plant Ellupai Tree around your House so you breathe the direct OJAS energy from the tree.

Spiritual Energized Products to Wear in the body:

1.Gemstones and Rudraksha as per your Birth Chart. 2.Energised Aushadha Products.

Special Instructions :

1.If you are already in some medication please consult your Doctor. 2.All the above are organic natural herbal products which has no side and after effects in general.

If you want an Customized Guidance and Solution for your life :

Please reach me

Email Mobile :+919600394951

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