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May-2023 Sukhinobhava Monthly Charity (Your Support & our Report)

Dear All Friends,

May 2023 Monthly charity report:

With the divine blessings of all gods , gurus and donors sukhinobhava Mission Charitable Trust served everyday 8Am. This wouldn't be possible without the Support of every donor for our mission every month. Thanks for Continuous Support to every Donor family from across the globe. So here is the charity Report that we have done for the month of May.

​ Services

​ Lives Enlightened

​Farm fresh chemical free Fruits

775 kgs

Farm fresh chemical free vegetables to ashrams and seekers

​620 kgs

​Buttermilk during Agni Nakshatram

​500 liters

Organic seeragasambha rice donated to other ashrams and old age homes

​200 kgs

​Vision eyesight restoration for sadhus

38 people

Pain management and medical care for sadhus in girivalapathai

43 people

Rudraksha beads distribution for sadhus

112 people

​Hindu temples supported for basic pooja items and oil support.

25 Temple

May Month Activities

Spread happiness, get blessings

Just like us you can also bring joy and happiness to one's life and receive blessings. Our Sukhinobhava Ashram fully runs on donations.

You can donate any amount through this link

Let's build a relation

We invite you to join our social media network to know more about our activities and stay updated:

See us in action, feel the joy on people's face.(

We thank all the contributors and space holders who are making this happen.

Namasthe Namashivayam.

Save Waste Save Life

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