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March 14th Sukhinobhava Seva:

Today's Nithya Annapoorni Seva:

Food is freely distributed to Sadhus and Bhakta's at 8.15am every day,

For daily Annadhan and food charity.

We use only organic ingredients with Natural Pure Ghee and Serve Healing Sattvic food (no onion no garlic and green chili).

Today’s Menu for Annadhan:


Toor Dal Sambhar.

Kadamba Chutney.

Millet Pongal.

Nithya Jnana Seva:

Knowledge about Hindu Dharmashastras leading to blissful life, is Shared with people and Sadhus

Nithya Chikitsaalaya Seva:

Pre Cataract Surgery testing procedures Done for one Person .

Vision Resorted for a Sadhu by Giving Spectacles.