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Jan 28th -Sukhinobhava Free Selfless Service Annadhan/Go seva/Medical/Education Services

SukhinoBhava: Serving the God in the form of humans

Serving humanity, generating bliss

Creating cosmic connection with Selfless service

Compassionate and selfless service is the first step to spiritual progress and inner well being. With selfless service you expand your heart and build a connection between you and the cosmos.

At Sukhinobhava, we conduct daily selfless services.

Offering food to Nourish body , Mind and Being

Embracing an organic lifestyle helps you to evolve into a wholesome personality-healthy in mind body and soul.

At sukhinobhava we offer daily organic food service where diverse people and sadhus enjoy organic, delicious, high-prana and sattvic food freshly prepared using only sattvic organic ingredients.

We use only organic vegetables, natural ingredients, natural ghee and cold pressed sesame oil for cooking sattvic food.

Note: we don't use non-sattvic ingredients like garlic, onion, green chilly, white sugar and root vegetables that grow under the ground

Annadhan Menu Today (28/01/2023)

Sadhus morning breakfast

21 Herbal Mixed Ghee Pongal

Mixed Vegetables moong dal kootu

Vegetables bonda

Ellu rice

Idiyappam Coconut milk

Boiled Drumstick



Morekulambu with vada.

Vazthukai Varuval

Potato green beans Poriyal






Plain dal

Along with Annadhan Special sambhavana to sadhus and Silver coins dhana .


Sukhinobhava’s Everyday temple offering

5 liter milk for abhishekam for temple and Annadhan

10 liter curd for temple abhishekam

All lingam ghee lamp offered for Appa moksha.

Sukhinobhava’s Go Samrakshana

Showing respect to the cows, everyday we feed healthy green fodder and fresh fruits to cows and calves

Sukhinobhava’s Nithya Chikitsaalaya Seva: Promoting a healthy, organic and yogic world

To help people live a yogic and healthy lifestyle we organize medical camps during 1st Sunday of every month where MBBS-qualified physicians treat people with care and compassion. Both general physicians and eye specialists provide their services and a special emphasis is on alternative medicine and Spiritual Healing.

Veterinary camps for animal

We organize free veterinary camps for animals on 4th Sunday of every month.

Spread happiness, get blessing

Just like us you can also bring joy and happiness to one's life and receive blessings. Our Sukhinobhava Ashram fully runs on donations.

You can donate any amount through this link

Donate Now:

Let's build a relation

We invite you to join our social media network to know more about our activities and stay update

See us in action, feel the joy on people's face.(

We thank all the contributors and space holders who are making this happen.

Namasthe Namashivayam.

Sukhinobhava's Daily Account Statement

Acct Statement_XX5546_28012023
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