Jan 18th Sukhinobhava Mission Seva Activities :

Updated: Jan 19

Free Food /Medicine/Go Seva distribution to Sadhus and Bhakta's at 8.30 am every day and Evening 4.15 Pm Daily for School Kids.

For daily Annadhan and food charity.

We use only organic ingredients with Natural Pure Ghee and Serve Healing Sattvic food (no onion no garlic and green chili).

Annadhan Menu Today :

Organic Ghee Idli.

Herbal Ghee & Vegetables Toor Dal Sambhar.

GroundNut Coconut Chutney.

Herbal Water.

Afternoon Lunch Menu for Elders Sadhus and People :

Snake gourd poriyal

Taro fry

Ulundu appalam

Sweet banana malpua

Today's dinner menu :

Tofu fry

Organic snake gourd seasoning

Brinjal - Chenna white - Green tomatoes curry.

Nithya Chikitsaalaya Seva:

Spectacles were given for Sadhus and Asthma Puff for elderly sadhus.

Pain Management did to villagers and sadhus by applying seed treatment, MOXA, Acupuncture, and Ayurvedic massage.

Goshala Seva :

Feeding is done to cows and Calf's every day. Green Fodder and Fruits.

Temple restoration :

For Kannapanar kovil in Girivalapathai, we are started to provide oil and pooja items and also volunteers started to clean the temple.

Donate Now:


Thank you to all the contributors and space holders who are making this happen.

Namasthe Namashivayam.

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