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Jan 11th Sukhinobhava Mission Seva Activities :

Free Food /Medicine/Go Seva distribution to Sadhus and Bhakta's at 8.30am every day and Evening 4.15 Pm Daily for School Kids.

For daily Annadhan and food charity.

We use only organic ingredients with Natural Pure Ghee and Serve Healing Sattvic food (no onion no garlic and green chili).

Annadhan Menu Today :

Organic Ghee Idli .

Herbal Ghee & Vegetables Toor Dal Sambhar.

Mixed Vegetables Coconut Chutney.

Seasme Balls Sweet.

Coconut Burfi Sweet.

Herbal Water.

Afternoon Lunch for Special Guest from Rishikesh :

Swami Aparokshanand Saraswati Ji

International Spiritual Health Academy (ISHA) was set up by Swami Aparokshanand Saraswati Ji in the year 2002 with the primary objective to propagate ways and means enabling people to attain sound physical, mental and emotional health.

Afternoon Annadhan Menu :

1.Seeragasambha Rice.
2.Yellow Dhal.
3.Carrot and Brinjal Sambhar.
5. Chow Chow Kuttu.
6.Sweet pumpkin Sweet.
7.Potato Green Peas Cauliflower Fry.
12.Mixed Fruits.

Nithya Chikitsaalaya Seva:

Pain Management done to villagers and sadhus by applying seed treatment , MOXA, Acupuncture and Ayurvedic massage.

Goshala Seva :

Feeding done to cows and Calf's everyday . Green Fodder and Fruits.

Donate Now:

Thank you for all the contributors and space holders who are making this happen.

Namasthe Namashivayam.

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