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High pranic foods

High pranic foods give an instant energy to the body, mind, being, and soul the moment it is consumed, as it is liquid in nature and doesn't use your brain signals. Stomach is only used for converting that food into life energy and oxygen.

It brings clarity of mind which helps you to make the right decisions at the right time. Right decisions make you successful in your career, business and life and eventually attract health and wealth.

High pranic food is good for all beings including animals. You can also give it to your pets.

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Names of high Pranic Food:

  • Harithaki juice

  • Fresh free range Goat milk

  • Fresh Sprouted Peanut juice

  • Fresh White pumpkin juice ( Ash gourd)

  • Pure Melted A2 Cow Ghee.

  • Clean ground water

  • Fresh coconut water

  • Early morning water drops that reside over banana Leaf

  • Pure Honey

  • Ginger juice

Benefits :

  • Liquid food is best to consume

  • Easy to digest

  • Easy to get

  • Low in cost

  • Available in your local market

  • Can be home grown

  • Rejuvenate the whole system

  • Detox from home

  • It's an kayakalpa in Ayurveda

  • Balances all 3 gunas in body

  • Good for detox weight loss

  • Zero fat

  • Good for anyone

  • Energy will be high

  • Good for cancer cells

  • Mind will be clear, calm with high sharpness in your life decisions

How to consume High Pranic Food?

  • Please add high Pranic food In your daily food menu- breakfast , lunch and dinner

  • One meal can be anyone of these item

  • Can be a snack

If you have any doubts or questions please comments or reach me at below mentioned contact details;

Mobile - +919600394951.

Email -

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