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About Sukhinobhava

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Manifesting peace, auspiciousness and prosperity for all

Life, Faith, Confidence,LifeSolutions,Health and Wellness and Spiritual Counselling.


About Us

Sukhino Bhavah is a Hindu, Dharmic, not-for-profit, charity-based organization, committed to generating auspiciousness & prosperity for all of society. For this, it has the following wings.

Free Medical and Food Care.

Go Samrakshanam.

Nirmaana Seva.

Organic Farming and Free Tree Plantation.

School Kids Nutritional Food Program.

Womens Empowerment.

Social Services

“Life, is for enriching others” – this enlightening revelation by a Hindu pontiff has been embraced by a group of Hindu monks, to serve society through multiple dharmic ways. This includes:

Core Values of SukhinobhavaTeam

  • All products are generated by a team of Satvic Hindus committed to living the 5 vows of Hindu Dharma – Ahimsa (non-violence), Aparigraha (living with minimal things), Astheya (non-stealing), Bramhacharya (celibacy) and Santosha (radiating bliss).

  • We have also dedicated our lives to serving society with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, and the intention to enrich, while constantly causing the others’ reality.

  • The team supports Shakti (women empowerment) in every way possible.thus providing dharmic support for their livelihood.

  • We invite donations from the public for our various wings, and all proceeds go towards supporting Dharmic Hindu causes like Vedic (organic) farming, execution of Pujas, Abhishekam &  Homas for the betterment of society, Annadaanam (distribution of free food), Goseva, etc.

Sukhinobhava Annapoorni Seva


Food is freely distributed to Sadhus and Bhaktars at 8.15am every day, on the Girivalam padhai, Tiruvannamalai.Also, all food served is made from organic ingredients, cooked by volunteers, and based on satvic recipes as revealed in Bhagashastra by Lord Shiva.

Sukhinobhava Jnana Seva

Knowledge about Hindu dharmashastras leading to blissful life, is freely shared by trained Hindu monks, through online sessions, blogs, individual counselling sessions, group chats, etc.

Sukhinobhava Chikitsaalaya Seva

Free medical camp is conducted periodically every month First Sunday for Sadhus and village People on Girivalam padhai and third sunday for veterinary This also includes free distribution of medical supplies as needed.

1. Free Cataract Surgery.

2. Free Hearing Aid.

3. Free Lab Test.

4. Free ENT.

5. Free Opticals.

6. Free Ayurvedic / Siddha Consulting with Medicines.

Sukhinobhava Nirmaana Seva

This wing takes care of various infrastructure needs of Girivalam padhai, including

1. Maintenance of street lights,

2. Footpath & road cleaning.

3. Planting of trees.

4. Working on Plastic Free Zone.

Sukhinobhava Religious Services

This wing is involved in performing religious services for the betterment of society, as defined in Hindu Dharmashastras. This includes:

1. Sponsoring oil for temple lamps along Girivalam padhai.

2. Conducting Puja, Homa, Abhishekam

3. Annadaanam for public/ sponsors.

4. Goseva (serving cows and bulls in goshalas)

3. Spiritual Counselling

In today’s rat-race driven world, people face many obstacles to manifest the life they want. This includes mental & emotional traits like confusion, peer pressure, boredom, tiredness, depression, lack of confidence, lack of clarity, lack of inspiration to manifest their desires, etc. So people are in constant search of happiness and peace, all through their lives! But, did you know that Hindu Dharma provides simple, effective, practical and immediate solutions to almost every man-made problem? These are revealed by Hindu monks through individual spiritual counselling sessions. This service can be availed in person (in Tiruvannamalai, TN), on the phone, via email, via chat/ videoconferencing, etc. The intention is to support all of society through personalized spiritual guidance based on the timeless wisdom of Hindu dharmashastras.

Sukhinobhava Rudraksh Services

The powerful Rudraksh bead is considered to be the seed of Lord Shiva Himself. By merely wearing this sacred bead, one can experience a quantum leap in Consciousness, which in turn can help us easily attract good health, wealth & abundance, fulfilling relationships, success in business ventures, prosperity in personal endeavours, etc. The monks of Sukhino Bhava team have decades of experience working in this field, and can thus guide you in procuring authentic, lab-tested, high-quality Rudraksh beads & jewellery that are best suitable for your life.

Sukhinobhava (medicinal products)

As per the science of Aushadam revealed in Hindu Shastras, sacred herbs can be used in special ways to rapidly produce an ‘alchemy effect’ in a person – leading to physical, mental, emotional & spiritual upliftment. This science was widely used by Hindus in earlier times, in order to effortlessly manifest their desires and lead a blissful life. Now, this science is once again being made available to society in a mainstream way through the Aushadam wing.

Aushadam products currently on offer:

Kayakalpa powder (Powerful detox agent to remove excess mucus & balance the Kapha element in body. This also helps to detox & heal various organs in the body including stomach, liver, intestine, etc.)

All Aushadam products are satvic, organic, and made using herbal ingredients. They are lovingly created by Hindu women (thus supporting their livelihood), and based on the guidance of Hindu monks as per the original Vedic science. All products are created along with the chanting of sacred mantras, so the person consuming the Aushadam receives these positive vibrations and gets quickly healed.

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